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Turkey HuntingWelcome to Turkey Slayer Custom Turkey Calls

Turkey Slayer Custom Calls was started by Ontario Native Jason Clark. While guiding for Wingfeather Outfitters, Jason was able to spend countless hours in the woods experimenting and testing several of the different turkey calls on the market. Jason had a hard time finding a product that he was extremely impressed with. So he decided that with his true passion for turkey hunting and his professional background being a machinist, he would start manufacturing his own Turkey Calls. The very first prototype that Jason created was an aluminum slate call and on its first trip to the field called in two toms and three hens. This is when Jason knew he was on to something and continued the perfect the product that he has now.

Jason’s mission for Turkey Slayer Custom Calls is to fill a void in the market, creating a product that not only is durable but won’t break the bank! Quality and realism are the key factors that TSCC incorporates in each call. It’s a critical factor to have each call support complete tonal range, from the quiet yelps early in the morning to the more aggressive sounds that the most elusive toms love to hear. This is where you will find the biggest difference with our product that has multiple pitches and tonal range in comparison to a mass produced product which will only be limited to one. We are proud to say Turkey Slayer Custom Calls has hit the ground running and already have several very happy customers! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook to keep up to date on all of our products and local hunting shows/seminar dates we will be attending.

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