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Custom Turkey Mouth Calls
Our mouth calls are built and stretched on World Championship quality presses.   We stretch our mouth calls to exact tensions accurate to .0001 of an inch. This guarantees a consistant sound quality from call to call and allows us to provide you with Quality, Realism, and Consistancey in all of our calls. These are big driving factors when making our mouth calls or any of our calls for that matter. Our attention to detail in producing our custom turkey calls puts us one steap ahead of the competition and will help you become a more successful turkey hunter in the field.

Our Hyper Hen Mouth Call is a 3 reed style call. It is streched to a medium tension. It has good rasp to it and does a little louder yelps and clucks as well, but you can still bring it down to get the soft sound out of it that every turkey hunter likes. It is a semi- agressive call, It's built to get that gobbler moving or make the boss hen mad to come over for a look.  


Our Black Magic Mouth Call is a 3 reed also. This call is the most aggressive mouth call in our line. It is streched to a medium/heavy tension. If you want volume and you want loud yelps, aggressive cutts and you are trying to get that long beard to quit hanging up and commit or if he has hens with him and you wanna make it sound like a pair of boss hens fightin this is the call you want.  Great for long distance calling, Running and gunning or just trying to kick it up a notch to get them moving your way.

This call definitly lives up to its name! In its short time from being introduced this call has more than proven itself by some of the areas top turkey hunters for its abilitly to lure in some of the biggest and baddest mature  toms around!  

This call will do it!


Our She Devil is a 2 reed call that is very user friendly. As it name implies it has a soft and sweet low end for soft clucks and purrs but it can also go full out by doing ultra realistic fast  cutts, cackles, and yelps. This medium volume call  takes very little air to use and both beginners  and veteran hunters will love the sound and the range you can get from the She Devil! This call has just the right amount of  rasp, volume, and forgiveness to get the long beards fired up and coming in on a string! Plus it still has the the muscle to challenge an old hen and drag her in looking for a fight!   


Our Hellraiser is a 3 reed call. This call was designed for one purpose; raising hell in the turkey woods! This call will do all the sounds as the other ones  do  but has lots of backbone to get really loud and super aggressive. This call worked extremely well in its prototype stages as it really carries through the turkey woods.  Tight lipped, call shy gobblers can't seem to resist this call! This call was used  in late May on mature birds that were hunted hard and have heard it all before. Needless to say there were a few of them that  came home in the the back of the truck!  
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