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Custom Turkey Slate Calls
Our slate calls are just a little different than our competitors. These are a true built custom call, not massed produced.  These calls have complete tonal range from bottom to top, from the softest clucks to loud agressive yelps, cutting and even some of the best fighting purrs we have heard on a slate style call. We offer 3 differnt striking surfaces, Slate, Crystal, and Aluminum.  If you are looking for the best custom hunting call you can get at an affordable price, you just found them!  Try them, You can be the judge! 



Our first call is our Slate surface style call. This call comes in a Custom walnut pot and comes with a 2 piece striker. This call has the softest clucks and purrs you can get but you can also get some volume on it as well and get loud agressive yelps.  Primarily this call is liked by hunters for its true to life sounds that every turkey hunter demands. Our slate is very forgiving and easy to use as well. We like to call it our close/medium range style call. This call is for sure is going to bring lots of  birds into range!  


Our Crystal call is proving to be a favorite among hunters. Our crystal call comes in a our Custom Cherry pot and than has a walnut sound board inside finished off with the crystal surface on top. Comes with a 2 piece striker. The crystal slate call is a great medium range call that has tonal range from bottom to top with that distictive snap in the call that only the crystal can bring. It has the best fighting purrs I have ever heard on a slate style call. This call is described as the perferct blend between Slate and the Aluminum style calls. Soft and seductive like slate, but can loud and snappy like aluminum. Our Crystal is going to be firing up long beards like crazy this  spring.


Our Aluminum Call is the also a big favorite among hunters.  This call comes in our Custom Cherry pot and it also has great tonal range. Also comes with a 2 piece striker. Our aluminum can do nice soft yelps and clucks just like the others but it can also do loud agressive cutting and yelps to get  that long beard fired up and comming in. It has excellent rasp and volume if need be and it will definitly pull a gobble out of a tight lipped bird! Works great when hunting high pressured areas or if you want to give him a little something different to hear. Works amazing as well later in the season when the leaves are open or if you are running and gunning becasue of the extra volume you can get out of it if need be. If there are Gobblers in the woods this call is for sure the 1 call that will set the woods on fire and light them up! 
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